Cybersecurity issues? Or data inaccuracy problems? Hear from two states and one county that used GIS to remove inaccuracies from their voter information in advance of the November election. Also, Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Commissioner Benjamin Hovland addresses how data inaccuracy problems can be mistaken for cybersecurity issues – and strategies for telling the two apart.

Join us for a webinar in NSGIC’s Geo-Enabled Elections Webinar Series on Wednesday, September 2, at 1 p.m. ET

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Additional program detail:

Three panelists from NSGIC’s Geo-Enabled Elections pilot projects discuss how GIS helped them remove potential errors from their election database. Learn key things you can do right now to ensure election accuracy in November. The goal: right ballot to the right voter.

EAC Commissioner Hovland will share insights around how incorrect data (inaccurate precincting and districting) and cybersecurity issues can sometimes be confused. Join the Geo-Enabled Elections team as we work to heighten the general understanding of election data quality issues so that, if issues are experienced, the correct conclusions are drawn and appropriate remedies applied.

Featured speaker:

EAC Commissioner Benjamin Hovland


  • Nebraska Pilot Project: Nikki Lampe | Sarpy County GIS
  • Shasta County California Pilot Project: Cathy Darling Allen | Clerk/Registrar of Voters
  • Arkansas Pilot Project: Jennifer Wheeler | GIS Analyst


GEE Steering Group Co-Chairs: Neil MacGaffey and Bert Granberg

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