NSGIC’s Geo-Enabled Election project helps place right voter in THE right voting district

The Geo-Enabled Elections project was created in 2017 to strengthen the accuracy and reliability of America’s electoral system and to increase voters’ confidence that their voices are being heard in each election. In addition, the project has revealed significant time savings for many tasks involved in elections management, including redistricting and voting district boundary management.

The project’s goal is to assist states and other election authorities in implementing GIS technology in elections in order to ensure that voters are placed in the right voting district, receive the right ballot, and vote in the right electoral contests.

Instead of relying on cumbersome voter lists and verbal definitions of voting districts, GIS technology allows election officials to view voters as pinpoints on a map, and voting district boundaries as geometrical shapes that surround those pinpoints. The verification that voters have, in fact, been placed into the right voting district becomes much easier, as does quality control, through regular audits.

Many states already use GIS technology for other matters, such as emergency response systems, or land use, and often have a geographic information officer (GIO) within state government. Part of the Geo-Enabled Elections project’s mission is to promote a stronger dialogue between GIOs and election directors in state and local government.

In 2019 the project released Best Practices for Raising Election Accuracy and Efficiency with GIS, concrete guidance for states and other election authorities wishing to enhance efficiency and accuracy in elections management using GIS.

The Geo-Enabled Elections project is committed to raising awareness and supporting jurisdictions in integrating GIS in elections. In 2021, the project’s focus is on developing advocacy and learning tools.


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    The NSGIC Geo-Enabled Elections and Redistricting Working Group

    This working group was formed in December 2022 to continue to support the implementation of GIS in elections in states nationwide. For more information about its work, please email info@nsgic.org


    NSGIC gratefully acknowledges project underwriting by the Democracy Fund Voice for the Geo-Enabled Elections project, 2017-2022. 

    About NSGIC

    The National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) is a state-led organization for developing, exchanging, and endorsing geospatial technology and policy best practices. Its Geo-Enabled Elections project, 2017-2022, focused specifically on the use of geospatial information in elections.  Read more about NSGIC here.

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