NSGIC’s Geo-Enabled Election project helpED place right voter in THE right voting district

The Geo-Enabled Elections project, 2017-2022, was created to strengthen the accuracy and reliability of America’s electoral system and to increase voters’ confidence that their voices are being heard in each election. The project supported a stronger dialogue between state GIOs and election directors and developed best practices, trainings, and resources to help states and counties leverage GIS data to achieve more effective and accurate elections

Integrating GIS in elections management ensures that voters are placed in the right voting district, receive the right ballot, and vote in the right electoral contests. It also saves time and work effort, facilitates audits, and makes redistricting easier. Fewer errors, easy visualization, and greater transparency increase voters’ confidence that their voices are being heard.

The project team assisted states and other election authorities in implementing GIS technology in elections. Learnings from the project’s pilot studies can be found here. An important next step forward for many states during 2023-2027 will be the implementation of voter registration systems capable of working with geospatial data. Sample requests-for-proposal to facilitate that important part of election modernization can be found here.

Recent project news

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    The NSGIC Geo-Enabled Elections and Redistricting Working Group

    This working group was formed in December 2022 to continue to support the implementation of GIS in elections in states nationwide. For more information, or to join the group, please email info@nsgic.org or visit the Geo-Enabled Elections & Redistricting Initiatives page.


    NSGIC gratefully acknowledges project underwriting by the Democracy Fund Voice for the Geo-Enabled Elections project, 2017-2022. 

    About NSGIC

    The National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) is a state-led organization for developing, exchanging, and endorsing geospatial technology and policy best practices. Its Geo-Enabled Elections project, 2017-2022, focused specifically on the use of geospatial information in elections.  Read more about NSGIC here.

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