NSGIC is proud to announce the launch of its new web page “Resources for Election Directors,” designed to smooth the path towards election modernization for states and counties wishing to further integrate GIS in elections.

The page offers access to a range of tools, helping users to begin the dialogue, build a coalition of stakeholders and experts to facilitate implementation, and develop decision support for how to approach the work. It also provides a link to five hands-on training courses – and even offers help to states wishing to enshrine the use of GIS in elections in state statute.

Some states recently have been successful in supporting the use of GIS in elections and accessing funding by enacting statute. The new web page offers both model statute to use as a starting point, as well as two helpful videos featuring insights on the process.

For states looking to invest in a new voter registration system, the page offers sample RFPs to ensure a new system is capable of integrating GIS to facilitate regular audits of precinct and voting district assignments and much more.

To access the new page and all the tools and resources, click here.

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